TAL ICT Consulting BV can offer you the following services:
- Freelance as ZZP
- Consultant
- Project Management
- Migration Management
- Resolve your problem

Project Management
If you have a project which is too difficult or too big for your organisation.

TAL ICT Consultancy BV has a broad experience in managing ICT projects.
For Example:
- Migrations
- Integrations
- Roll Out of van new/changed software/hardware
- Server Virtualisation
- Desktop Virtualisation
- Desktop OS Automatic Roll out from 1 single image
- Automatic software installation/distribution
- Automated Patch Management (Ook in NL erbij..)
- Monitoring (ook in NL erbij
- LAN/WAN migration

Of course we use up to date project management tools to support the process and to inform you about the progress